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Chronology of Key Events

(April 2003 - November 2004)


25, Thursday: IAEA Chief ElBaradei Briefs Board on Safeguards, Other Issues. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei briefed the Agency´s 35-member Board of Governors on a range of issues. Earlier this week, in a separate statement to the Board´s Technical Cooperation Committee, he outlined the Agency´s planned programme supporting global development. DG Board Statement | DG TC Statement | Press Briefing

2, Tuesday: UN General Assembly Backs IAEA´s "Indispensable Role". The United Nations General Assembly affirmed its confidence in the IAEA and urged global cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, following the annual address by IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei. States adopted a resolution that strongly supported the Agency´s "indispensable role" in the area of technology transfer to developing countries and in nuclear safety, verification and security. Full Story | DG Statement


24, Friday: States Call Upon North Korea to Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Programme, Accept Safeguards. The General Conference adopted a resolution 24 September calling for the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to promptly accept comprehensive IAEA safeguards and cooperate with the Agency in their full and effective implementation. In the resolution, States urged the DPRK to "completely dismantle any nuclear weapons programme in a prompt, transparent, verifiable and irreversible manner, maintaining the essential verification role of the IAEA". They stressed the desire for a peaceful resolution through dialogue, leading to a nuclear-weapon-free Korean Peninsula. Adopted Resolution [pdf] | IAEA General Conference Report [pdf]

13, Monday: IAEA Board of Governors Meet on Nuclear, Other Issues. The IAEA Board of Governors opens its meetings 13 September in Vienna, a week before the opening of the Agency´s General Conference of Member States. The Board agenda includes topics of nuclear security, waste management, and nuclear verification. DG Statement


16, Monday: Director General Submits Report to Member States on North Korea Safeguards. IAEA Director General ElBaradei submitted a report to the IAEA General Conference on the Agency´s implementation of safeguards in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. The General Conference of Member States convenes in Vienna beginning 20 September, with sessions throughout the week. GC Report on North Korea Safeguards | IAEA General Conference

JUNE 2004

21, Monday: Director General Addresses Verification in North Korea. Following talks with US Secretary of State Colin Powell in Washington, DC, IAEA Director General ElBaradei said he looked forward to steps that would enable Agency verification of North Korea´s nuclear programme. "On North Korea, I reaffirm my conviction that the earlier we are in a position to resolve the North Korean issue, which I find one of the most dangerous challenges facing the international community, the better. The Secretary briefed me on the new round of talks and I look forward that soon we will be in a position to go back and verify the North Korean programme and make sure that it is all under Agency verification." Transcript of Press Briefing | DG Statement, Carnegie Endowment

MARCH 2004

8, Monday: IAEA Board Opens Meetings on Iran, Libya, Other Topics. The IAEA Board of Governors is meeting this week on nuclear safeguards, safety, and technology issues, including the Agency´s verification of nuclear programmes in Iran and Libya. IAEA Director General ElBaradei addressed the Board 8 March, saying that "important lessons" have been learned over recent months for strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime. Full Story | DG Statement | DG Interview, BBC, 2 March 2004.


12, Thursday: Director General ElBaradei Urges Tougher Action Against Nuclear Proliferation & Black Market. In an essay published in the New York Times, IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei underlined the need for urgent action to toughen the world's regime to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. His proposed measures include the need for additional authority for the IAEA, a much more stringent export control system and accelerated efforts towards nuclear disarmament. Separately, in commenting on non-proliferation proposals by US President Bush, Dr. ElBaradei said he shared "the same concern and sense of urgency". DG Essay | Comments on US President Bush´s Proposals | US President Bush´s Proposals.

JUNE 2003

16, Monday: DG Statement to Board. In a statement to the IAEA Board of Governors 16 June, IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei addressed issues related to nuclear verification, security and technology. DG Statement

MAY 2003

22, Thursday: IAEA Director General says "No Nuclear Blackmail". In an essay in the Wall Street Journal, IAEA Director General Mohammed ElBaradei said that intrusive IAEA inspections are needed to clear up uncertainties about North Korea´s nuclear programme, and that while the international community is ready to address seriously the country´s security concerns and other needs, it will not be blackmailed through nuclear intimidation. Essay | No Nuclear Blackmail: Interview with DG, Wall Street Journal.

APRIL 2003

27, Sunday: IAEA Director General Addresses Iraq, North Korea Inspections. In an interview with CNN 27 April 2003, IAEA Director General Mohammed ElBaradei called for the return of IAEA and UN inspectors to Iraq sooner rather than later "to bring that issue to closure." On North Korea, he said intrusive IAEA inspections are needed to clear up uncertainties about the country´s nuclear programme. Interview | DPRK Factsheet | DG Addresses Iraq, North Korea Inspections, CNN.

10, Thursday: Security Council to Keep Tracking North Korea Developments. Following consultations 9 April, the UN Security Council expressed its "concern" over the situation in North Korea and said it will keep following developments there. The issue of North Korea's non-compliance with international nuclear safeguards was referred to the Council by IAEA Director General ElBaradei in mid-February. UN Secretary-General Annan´s Special Advisor on North Korea recently outlined his views. UN Story | UN Special Advisor | DPRK Factsheet

3, Thursday: Security Council to Meet on North Korea Issue 9 April. The UN Security Council is taking up the issue of North Korea 9 April, Council President Adolfo Aguilar Zinser of Mexico said this week. The issue was referred to the Council by IAEA Director General ElBaradei in mid-February, on a resolution of the Agency's Board of Governors. UN Story | DPRK Factsheet | Security Council to Meet on North Korea Issue 9 April 2003, UN News