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Cancer Care

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World Cancer Day 2014 - Statement by Kwaku Aning

4 February 2014 | At the 2014 World Cancer Day event, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, Kwaku Aning, delivered the opening statement. This year's theme - Debunk the Myths - provides a key opportunity to improve general knowledge about cancer and encourages greater public discussion of some of the pervasive myths surrounding the disease. More →

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Cancer Control – IAEA's Contribution, IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano discusses the support the Agency gives to developing countries, as they tackle the growing number of cancer cases, 9 January 2014:

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Training the Trainers - IAEA Promotes Better Training for Radiation Therapy Technologists, Interview with Mary Coffey, 6 December 2013:

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Nuclear Science in Cancer Treatment
Radiation Oncology is a medical method used for treating cancer. The Agency provides its Member States with the assistance needed to build the infrastructure and train personnel to implement the treatment, 16 April 2014:

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Ask the Experts: Fight Against Cancer
The number of cancer cases is growing worldwide. The IAEA has been working for over four decades to bring affordable cancer therapy technology to its Member States through various programmes and partnerships, 17 February 2014:

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Radiopharmaceuticals for Cost Effective Management of Cancer

2 October 2014 | The search for swift and precise scientific procedures that can map the human body for exact diagnosis for rapid treatment of diseases like cancer has long been on the global agenda. More →

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