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50 Years of Successful FAO/IAEA Partnership
58th General Conference, Scientific Forum
Radioactive Waste - Meeting the Challenge
Renovation of Nuclear Applications Laboratories - Science for All - Renewing the Pledge
Advances in Nuclear Forensics - Security Through Science
Nuclear and Atomic Data - Providing Values for Science
Quality Nutrition -  How the IAEA Contributes
Building Human Resources for Nuclear Power
Nuclear Science and Technology for Better Health

Top Stories and News

Legal Issues and Its Impact on Nuclear Energy Development

28 October 2014 | Senior nuclear law specialists from the IAEA recently participated in a leading international conference that provided an opportunity to address a number of legal issues raised in the context of the current political and economic climate and its impact on the development of nuclear energy. Read more →

Filling in the Resource Gaps

24 October 2014 | The rapid expansion of nuclear and radiation-related activities in many States has highlighted the limited number of available skilled and experienced experts. Read more →

Reinforcing Nuclear Legislation in Member States

23 October 2014 | Member States have long recognized that coherent and comprehensive national legal frameworks are essential for ensuring the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Read more →


Nuclear Forensics - Interview with David Smith

| David Smith, Scientific Secretary for the International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Forensics held in Vienna from 7 to 10 July 2014, explains the purpose and desired outcomes of the Conference. Watch video →

Conditioning of Radioactive Sources in Montenegro - IAEA Mission in June 2014

| In June 2014, the IAEA helped Montenegro to prepare over 90 radioactive sources for safe and secure storage. These sealed sources were contained in devices that were used primarily for lightning rods. View Photos →

Conditioning Disused Radioactive Sources

| Lightning rods are used to protect buildings from lightning strikes. In the past, such rods were manufactured to include a radioactive source. Now the IAEA is helping Montenegro to remove these sources and manage them safely. Listen →