1996 Annual Report
Summary Agency Budgetary and Staffing Data

For 1996, the General Conference appropriated an amount of about $219 million for the Agency's Regular Budget on the basis of an exchange rate of 12.70 Austrian Schillings to one United States dollar, of which $213 million was related to Agency programmes. The latter amount was adjusted to $249 million to account for the average United Nations exchange rate (10.51 Austrian Schillings to one US dollar) actually experienced during the year.

The Regular Budget for 1996, at an exchange rate of 10.51 Austrian Schillings to one US dollar, amounted to some $256.4 million, of which $246.2 million was to be financed from contributions by Member States on the basis of the 1996 scale of assessment, $7.4 million from income from reimbursable work for others and $2.8 million from other miscellaneous income.

The actual expenditures for the Agency's Regular Budget in 1996 amounted to some $250 million, of which $243 million was related to the Agency's programmes. The unused budget from the Agency's programmes amounted to $5.9 million, while the total unused budget was $6.5 million when account was taken of reimbursable work for others.

The target for voluntary contributions to the Technical Co-operation Fund for 1996 was established at $64.5 million, of which $50.5 million was pledged by Member States.

A total of about $29.3 million in extrabudgetary funds was provided by Member States, the United Nations, other international organizations and other sources during 1996. Of this amount, $7.6 million was in support of safeguards, $6.3 million was for technical co-operation projects, $3.2 million for projects in food and agriculture, $2.8 million for nuclear safety and $2.7 million for implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 687 on Iraq. An amount of $1.7 million (supplemented by the Agency's contribution of $3.1 million) was in support of IAEA-MEL. The remaining $5 million was in support of various other projects implemented by the Agency.

The sum of $0.43 million was provided in 1996 by Member States for technical co-operation activities as funds-in-trust. Furthermore, a total of $0.7 million was administered on behalf of research institutions and $2.4 million for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.


At the end of 1996, the number of staff members in the Secretariat was 2202 - 906 in the Professional and higher categories and 1296 in the General Service category. These figures represent 1634 regular, 248 temporary assistance and 222 extrabudgetary staff, as well as 70 cost free experts and 28 consultants. Ninety nationalities were represented among the 633 staff members in posts subject to geographical distribution.