International Atomic Energy Agency
Information Circular
(Unofficial electronic edition)
30 June 1969

Original: ENGLISH

The Texts of the Agency's Agreements with the Republic of Austria

IV. Supplemental Agreement on Turnover Taxes


  1. By an exchange of notes dated 26 March and 8 April 1969 respectively, the Director General of the Agency and the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Austria agreed to amend the Supplemental Agreement on Turnover Taxes for the Purpose of Implementing Article VIII, Section 22(b), of the Agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Republic of Austria regarding the Headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency, by substituting the figure "5 1/2" for the figure "5 1/4" in the part of the text of the Agreement reproduced at the top of page 28 in document INFCIRC/ 15, so that it now reads:

    "(b) The reimbursement will amount to 5 1/2 per cent of the total sum paid. For goods of Austrian origin, this sum will be increased by another 2 per cent in compensation for turnover taxes charged in prior phases.

    "It is understood that reimbursement for foreign goods which are purchased directly from an Austrian importer will amount to 5 1/2 per cent, and that there is no ground for any reimbursement for goods which were imported directly by the IAEA."

  2. This amendment entered into force on 8 April 1969.