The Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities INFCIRC/225/Rev.4 (Corrected)


3.1.   The objectives of the State's physical protection system should be:

  1. To establish conditions which would minimize the possibilities for unauthorized removal of nuclear material and/or for sabotage ; and

  2. To provide information and technical assistance in support of rapid and comprehensive measures by the State to locate and recover missing nuclear material and to cooperate with safety authorities in minimizing the radiological consequences of sabotage.

3.2.   The objectives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Agency) are:

  1. To provide a set of recommendations on requirements for the physical protection of nuclear material in use and storage and during transport and of nuclear facilities. The recommendations are provided for consideration by the competent authorities in the States. Such recommendations provide guidance but are not mandatory upon a State and do not infringe the sovereign rights of States; and

  2. To be in a position to give advice to States authorities in respect of their physical protection systems at the request of the State. The intensity and the form of assistance required are, however, matters to be agreed upon between the State and the Agency.

    It should be noted that the Agency has no responsibility either for the provision of a State's physical protection system or for the supervision, control or implementation of such a system. Assistance by the Agency will be provided only when so requested by the State.

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