The Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities INFCIRC/225/Rev.4 (Corrected)


1.1 Principles of physical protection are realized through administrative and technical measures, including physical barriers. The measures for the physical protection of nuclear material in use and storage and during transport, and of nuclear facilities presented herein are recommended for use by States as required in their physical protection systems. These measures are based on the state of the art in physical protection hardware and systems and on the types of nuclear material and nuclear facilities.

1.2 It is essential that this document be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect advances made both in physical protection systems and nuclear technology.

1.3 In implementing these recommendations, States are encouraged to cooperate and consult, and to exchange information on physical protection techniques and practices, either directly or through international organizations. States should aid each other in physical protection, and particularly in the recovery of nuclear material, in cases where such aid is requested.

1.4 The Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (INFCIRC/274 Rev.1) obligates parties to:

- make specific arrangements and meet defined standards of physical protection for international shipments of nuclear material;
- co-operate in the recovery and protection of stolen nuclear material;
- make as criminal offences specified acts to misuse or threats to misuse nuclear materials to harm the public; and
- prosecute or extradite those accused of committing such acts.

The Convention also promotes international co-operation in the exchange of physical protection information.

1.5 States should inform each other, either directly or through the International Atomic Energy Agency, of appropriate points of contact for matters related to the physical protection of nuclear material and nuclear facilities.

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