International Atomic Energy Agency
Information Circular
(Unofficial electronic edition)
8 October 1998

Original: ENGLISH

Guidelines Regarding National Reports Under the Convention on Nuclear Safety

On 2 September 2002 a revision was issued to this document (INFCIRC/572/Rev.2).


    These guidelines, established by the Contracting Parties pursuant to Article 22 of the Convention, are intended to be read in conjunction with the text of the Convention. Their purpose is to provide guidance to the Contracting Parties regarding material which it may be useful to include in the national reports required by Article 5 and thereby to facilitate the most efficient review of implementation by the Contracting Parties of their obligations under the Convention.


    The basic concept of the Convention is the obligation of the Contracting Parties to apply widely recognized principles and tools for high-quality safety management and to submit the national reports on the implementation of those principles and tools to peer reviews with international participation. In accordance with Article 1 of the Convention, the national reports should illustrate how the objectives of the Convention, especially a high level of nuclear safety, have been achieved.

    Taking into account that

    the report should:

    The report to be submitted by a Contracting Party without nuclear installations should follow the above format, addressing relevant articles of the Convention.


    Introduction to the national report

    This section of the national report should include: general introductory remarks outlining the national policy towards nuclear activities; a description of national nuclear programmes pertaining to nuclear installations; a survey of the main safety issues addressed in the report; a list of nuclear installations operating, closed and planned (to be provided in an annex); material updating previous reports (if appropriate); references to further annexes, as deemed necessary.

    Article-by-article review

    For each article, suggestions are made below regarding some of the issues which might be addressed. Contracting Parties should provide, as appropriate, the following:

    1. a description of the situation addressed in the article and the results achieved (for each type or generation of nuclear installation and, if necessary and relevant for the article in question, for specific installations);

    2. a statement regarding implementation of the obligation(s) arising out of that article;

    3. a description of plans drawn up and measures needed for corrective action at the national level and indicating any necessary international co-operation;

    4. a description of plans and measures relating to planned nuclear installations; and

    5. references to other material or annexes, as appropriate.

  1. Chapter 2(a) of the Convention - General Provisions

    In the section of the national report relating to this chapter of the Convention, the status of existing nuclear installations should be summarized. Where necessary, a description should be included of upgrading measures to achieve a high level of nuclear safety or, if such upgrading cannot be achieved, of plans to shut down the nuclear installations in question as soon as practically possible as provided for in Article 6 of the Convention.

    Article 4.    Implementing measures

    The report on other Chapter 2 obligations should incorporate any necessary references to national laws and legislative, regulatory and administrative measures. No separate report under this article is required

    Article 5.    Reporting

    Filing of the national report fulfils this obligation, and no separate report under this article is required.

    Article 6.    Existing nuclear installations

  2. Chapter 2 (b) of the Convention - Legislation and Regulation

    The section of the national report relating to this chapter of the Convention should summarize the legislative and regulatory system governing the safety of nuclear installations and include statements with regard to the adequacy and effectiveness of that system.

    Article 7.    Legislative and regulatory framework

    Article 8.    Regulatory body

    Article 9.    Responsibility of the licence holder

  3. Chapter 2 (c) of the Convention - General Safety Considerations

    The section of the national report relating to this chapter of the Convention should summarize major safety-related features, taking into account safety as a whole and, where appropriate, cross-referencing to related items in other articles.

    Article 10.    Priority to safety

    Article 11.    Financial and human resources

    Article 12.    Human factors

    Article 13.    Quality assurance

    Article 14.    Assessment and verification of safety

    Article 15.    Radiation protection

    Article 16.    Emergency preparedness

    Chapter 2 (d) of the Convention - Safety of Installations

    The section of the national report relating to this chapter of the Convention should describe major safety-related features, including implementation of the "defense in depth" concept as a whole, and the provisions against events such as fire, internal flooding and earthquakes; and accident management measures; due account being taken of the probability of events.

    Article 17.    Siting

    Article 18.    Design and construction

    Article 19.    Operation

    Planned activities to improve safety

    Summary of safety issues of concern identified earlier and planned future activities for addressing those issues, including, where appropriate, measures of international co-operation.


    Contracting Parties may include, as appropriate, the following as annexes to the national reports submitted by them pursuant to Article 5 of the Convention: