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29 July 1996

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Communication of 28 June 1996 Received from the Permanent Mission of New Zealand to the International Atomic Energy Agency

  1. On 3 July 1996, the Director General received a communication of 28 June 1996 from the Resident Representative of New Zealand transmitting a Statement made by the Prime Minister of New Zealand in respect of the test of a nuclear weapon conducted by China on 8 June 1996.

  2. As requested by the Resident Representative of New Zealand, the Statement of the Prime Minister is being circulated for the information of Member States of the Agency.


Text of the Statement of the Prime Minister of New Zealand

9 June 1996
Media release


"China's actions in proceeding with yet another nuclear test will be condemned by all New Zealanders," said the Prime Minister, Rt Hon J B Bolger today. Mr. Bolger was responding to the announcement that China had conducted a nuclear test at its Lop Nor test site yesterday.

"It is all the more disappointing because it comes after France has announced an end to all testing and because it takes place as the negotiations in Geneva on a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty reach a crucial final phase."

"While the Chinese Government has committed itself to the conclusion of the Treaty, it has also said it will not stop testing until the Treaty is concluded. However we will urge China in the strongest terms to conduct no further tests."

Mr Bolger said the international community is waiting for China to confirm its support for a test ban treaty that bans all nuclear explosions. "China must also accept the need for the new test ban organisation to be able to investigate quickly and effectively all evidence of breaches of the Treaty. We are all looking to China to show that it is prepared to make the necessary concessions to allow the test ban negotiations to be concluded successfully by the end of this month."

The Prime Minister said Foreign Minister Don McKinnon would be conveying New Zealand's serious concerns to the Chinese Ambassador when he calls him in to receive our protest tomorrow. New Zealand's Ambassador in Beijing has also been instructed to make representations at the highest possible level.

"Both will urge China to lend its full support to the conclusion of the test ban negotiations by the end of June, and in the meantime to cease testing its nuclear weapons," Mr Bolger said.

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