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IAEA Leadership Blueprint IAEA Leadership Blueprint (2011) The IAEA Leadership Blueprint was created by finding excellent leadership in the Agency and exploring how it works. The Blueprint is aspirational - no manager is likely to be excellent in all the skills and behaviours in the model, but the IAEA wants its managers to aspire to make the most of their strengths and develop continuously to become the very best leaders to deliver the Agency's objectives. Download pdf » (1.08 MB)

Inviting Commitment: Working for  IAEA Inviting Commitment: Working for IAEA (2011) The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) offers challenging assignments and provides a stimulating multicultural environment for people who are interested in international work experience in a specific area of expertise. This brochure provides general information on the possibilities for employment as a Professional staff member of the IAEA and other information which may be useful to persons interested in joining the IAEA´s Professional staff. Download pdf » (960 KB)

IAEA Nobel Peace Prize Fund for Cancer, Nutrition IAEA Nobel Peace Prize Fund for Cancer, Nutrition (2006) This booklet was prepared after the IAEA and its Director General Mohamed ElBaradei were honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. It describes the Fund and its key purposes - to support fellowships and training for better cancer management and childhood nutrition in the developing world. Download pdf » (471 KB)

In the Service of Peace: 2005 Nobel Peace Prize In the Service of Peace: 2005 Nobel Peace Prize (2005) This booklet, issued in the wake of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, presents Director General Mohamed ElBaradei´s Nobel Lecture in its entirety and highlights other key elements which contributed to the awarding of the prize to Dr. ElBaradei and the IAEA. Download pdf » (411 KB)

IAEA At Work coverThe IAEA At Work (2004) The IAEA´s work is contributing to progress in areas of global security, safety, safeguards, and technology transfer. This brochure highlights selected activities in the context of key issues facing the Agency and international community, more than 50 years after the "atoms for peace" initiative. Download pdf » (761 KB)

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Bulletin coverAtoms for Peace: What Will be Our Legacy? (2003) The promise and peril of atomic energy remains a formidable dual challenge. This edition of the IAEA Bulletin presents a range of viewpoints from distinguished experts and writers worldwide on the peaceful development and control of nuclear technologies, and on the evolving and central role of the IAEA, the "Atoms for Peace" agency. Read more »

Booklet coverIAEA Handbook on Nuclear Law (2003) This handbook describes the emerging global legal framework for nuclear technologies and the role of the IAEA´s legal assistance services. Download pdf » (625 KB)

Booklet coverIAEA Flyer (1999) The flyer briefly describes how the International Atomic Energy Agency assists its Member States in the use of nuclear technology, and the role it plays in promoting radiological and nuclear safety and verifying that nuclear technology is used only for peaceful purposes. Download pdf » (1.3 MB)

Booklet coverIAEA at a Glance (1997) This publication briefly portrays the peaceful 'nuclear universe' and the work carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the organization in the UN system responsible for accelerating and enlarging the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. Read more »

Booklet coverThe IAEA Turns 40: Key Dates & Historical Developments (1997) Issued as a supplement to the IAEA Bulletin, this report provides a decade-by-decade chronology of global nuclear developments in the context of the IAEA's creation and growth as the "atoms for peace" organization. Download pdf » (2.2 MB)

Booklet cover The IAEA's Laboratories: Seibersdorf and Vienna (1996) This book portrays how the IAEA Laboratories, an analytical research and training centre, contribute to the implementation of the Agency's programmes in food and agriculture, human health, physical and chemical sciences, water resources, industry, environment, radiation protection and safeguards verification. Download pdf » (5.4 MB)

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  • IAEA-EU Joint Action: Partnership in Improving Nuclear Security
  • IAEA-EU Joint Action: Partnership in Improving Nuclear Security.
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