Nuclear Power

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  • Participants at the technical tour of the Haiyang nuclear power plant construction site. (Photo:SNTPC)

    Involving the National Industry in New Nuclear Power Plant Projects

    2014-09-15 | Nuclear newcomer countries should plan for and develop the involvement of their national industries to support their new nuclear power programmes. Many goods and services are required to construct a nuclear power plant and support its operation. Read More »

  • Nuclear Energy Side Events at the 58th IAEA General Conference

    2014-09-10 | The IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy will host a number of side events and two exhibitions during the upcoming General Conference (22-26 September). It also plays a key role in the 2014 Scientific Forum, which will focus on the science and technology behind the management of radioactive waste. All NE side events are open to all registered participants of the General Conference. Read More »

  • Country Nuclear Power Profiles - 2014 Edition

    2014-09-09 | The Country Nuclear Power Profiles summarize background on the status and development of nuclear power programmes in IAEA Member States. This 2014 edition contains updated country information for 51 States, including organizational, industrial, legislative, regulatory and other aspects of nuclear power programmes. Read More »

  • IAEA Nuclear Power Newsletter: September 2014 Issue Online

    2014-09-02 | This newsletter highlights the side events on nuclear power issues during the upcoming 58th IAEA General Conference. It also covers topics such as IAEA support for new nuclear power programmes, activities related to nuclear power engineering and different reactor technologies, new projects in INPRO and others. Read More »

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2014-04-30 NENP, Inpro
2014-02-12 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Nuclear Newcomers

    Date: 2014-02-12 | Today, 30 countries use nuclear power and about the same number are considering to use it to meet their growing energy demands. Almost three years after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, two countries are already constructing their first nuclear power plants, and several are preparing for construction start. IAEA Nuclear Engineer Marta Ferrari explains how the IAEA supports these countries. View Video →

2014-02-11 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Nuclear Power - United Arab Emirates

    Date: 2014-02-11 | At today's growth rate the United Arab Emirates expects demand for electricity to double by 2020. To meet these demands, the government concluded that nuclear power was the best way forward. View Video →

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Meetings 2014
  • 23-26 Sep
    Technical Meeting on Evaluation and Dependability Assessment of Software for Safety Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Power Plants Read more»
  • 29-30 Sep
    First Research Coordination Meeting on Application of Advanced Low Temperature Desalination Systems to Support Nuclear Power Plants
  • 29 Sep -02 Oct
    Training Workshop on the Assessment of Degradation Mechanisms of Primary Components in Water Cooled Nuclear Reactors: Current Issues and Future Challenges Read more»
  • 6-8 Oct
    Technical Meeting on Flexible (Non-Baseload) Operation for Load Following and Frequency Control in New NPP's Read more»
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