• In January, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) announces its withdrawal
    from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In February, the IAEA Board refers the North Korea
    nuclear file to the UN Security Council.  
  • In March, IAEA Director General ElBaradei reports that the US government has advised him to remove IAEA inspectors from Baghdad and that similar advice was given to UNMOVIC.
  • In June, the IAEA Board discloses that Iran in the past failed to report certain nuclear material and activities as required under the NPT, and in November the Board adopts a resolution condemning Iran’s pursuit of secret nuclear activities. In December, Iran signs the additional protocol to its IAEA
    safeguards agreement that would allow broader inspections once in force.
  • Libya announces dismantlement of its WMD programmes, and openness to IAEA inspections.
  • The USA launches the Proliferation Security Initiative, which other States are open to join.
  • States commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “atoms for peace” proposal that led to the
    IAEA’s creation.

  Inspectors show broken IAEA safeguards seals salvaged
from North Korea in December 2002.
broken seals