• In January, US President George Bush cites an “axis of evil” supporting terrorism and seeking
    weapons of mass destruction.
  • In May, the USA and Russia sign a nuclear arms treaty to reduce their respective nuclear arsenals.
  • Cuba accedes to the NPT as a non-nuclear-weapon State.
  • The Group of Eight nations (G8) announce a US $20-billion partnership against weapons of mass destruction at their summit in Canada.
  • Countries cite progress in nuclear safety following a review meeting of parties to a global convention.
  • The IAEA hosts World Water Day, coordinating global events for the UN system.
  • The IAEA and partners call for a stepped up campaign against the tsetse fly in Africa, a vector of
    disease and death.
  • The IAEA Board urges North Korea to comply fully with its safeguards agreement, following disclosures that the country has a programme for enriching uranium.
  • Talks seek to foster Iraq’s compliance with Security Council resolutions, including the return of
    IAEA and UN weapons inspectors to the country.

      IAEA Director General Dr Mohamed ElBaradei talking to Dr Hans Blix, Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC