• Russia first proposes a draft global treaty at the UN for suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism.
  • In May, India and Pakistan conduct a series of nuclear tests within two weeks of each other.
    IAEA Director General ElBaradei expresses deep regret over the tests and the General Conference of Member States deplored the tests in a resolution.
  • A global conference on the radiological situation at the Mururoa and Fangataufa Atolls is held
    by the IAEA, reporting results of a multi-year Agency study.
  • The IAEA and World Customs Organization join forces against nuclear trafficking.
  • Radiation safety and security is the focus of a groundbreaking IAEA conference in France.
    The Cold War radiological legacy gets global attention.
  • Iraq ceases all cooperation with the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) and the IAEA.
    Director General ElBaradei withdraws Agency Iraq inspectors and personnel from the country
    in December. Up to that time, IAEA extensive inspection activities in Iraq between 1991 and
    1998 resulted in a technically coherent picture of Iraq's clandestine nuclear programme.
    The programme was very well funded and was aimed at the indigenous development and
    exploitation of technologies for the production of weapons-grade nuclear material and
    production and manufacturing of nuclear weapons.


Radiation Safety and Security