• Mexico becomes the first country to place its entire nuclear programme under IAEA safeguards in
    accordance with the Tlatelolco Treaty.
  • The global NPT is finalized and opens for signature. It essentially freezes the number of
    declared nuclear-weapon States at five (USA, Soviet Union (now Russia), UK, France, China),
    who are obligated to make “good faith” efforts toward disarmament. Other States grouped
    as non-nuclear weapon States, who are required to forswear the nuclear weapons option and to conclude comprehensive safeguards agreements with the IAEA on their nuclear materials.
    The Treaty provides for these States to receive assistance for the transfer of technology for peaceful applications of nuclear energy.

    The NPT contains a triangular linkage:
verified nuclear non-proliferation; cooperation in
peaceful uses of nuclear energy;
and nuclear disarmament.
IAEA and the NPT