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Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications (NA)


Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture (NAFA)

The Joint FAO/IAEA Division assists Member Countries of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and IAEA to use nuclear techniques and related biotechnologies for developing improved strategies for sustainable food security. Its activities include co-ordinating and supporting research worldwide; providing technical and advisory services for projects and training activities; providing laboratory support and training through the FAO/IAEA Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory situated at Seibersdorf, Austria; and collecting, analysing and disseminating information for effective transfer of skills and technology.

The Joint Division's programme is approved by the governing bodies of FAO and IAEA and the planning is carried out in close consultation and co-operation with other branches of both organizations. The Joint Division has responsibility for the technical and scientific direction of the Programme and for its co-ordination, to ensure that the technical services of both organizations participate fully in the joint operations.

Division of Human Health (NAHU)

The Division of Human Health develops, disseminates and evaluates nuclear and related radiation technologies for application in public health programmes of Member States. Its main activities include: co-ordinating and supporting research; providing technical, advisory and laboratory services; and collecting, analysing and disseminating information (meetings).

Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences (NAPC)

The Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences (NAPC), is responsible for carrying out Agency activities to assist and advise Member States in assessing their needs for research and development in the nuclear sciences, as well in supporting their activities in specific fields, including: industrial applications of radiation and isotopes; isotope hydrology and geochemistry; nuclear analytical chemistry; nuclear and atomic data for applications; plasma physics applications; controlled nuclear fusion; nuclear instrumentation design and maintenance; nuclear physics; production of radioisotopes and labelled compounds; radiation chemistry; utilization of research reactors.

IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco (NAEL)

The IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco (NAEL) is located in Monaco. The main objectives of IAEA-NAML are to assist Member States both to protect the marine environment by improving their capabilities to monitor and assess radioactivity and its potential effects on environment and health, and to use nuclear and isotopic techniques to enhance understanding of the oceans and/or marine pollution transfers and behaviour.

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Human Resource Booklets

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