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Hiring Departments


Six major IAEA departments - management, nuclear sciences and applications, nuclear energy, nuclear safety and security, technical cooperation, and safeguards and verification - set the organizational framework of the IAEA.

The work that IAEA staff members do is as diverse as the landscape of peaceful nuclear technologies. Safeguards inspectors and analysts check and verify the whereabouts of sensitive nuclear material. Technical officers run projects that help countries bring fresh water to cities and richer harvests to farmers' fields. Others help scientists to better understand and protect the environment and medical doctors to prevent and treat diseases. Nuclear experts, radiation specialists, and engineers help countries to meet safety standards at nuclear plants, or to more safely manage and transport radioactive material.

Still other IAEA staff work behind the scenes - as "hands on" IT and computer specialists, book editors and publishers, translators and interpreters, communication professionals, accountants, financial experts, and conference organizers - to keep systems running, constituencies informed, and channels open for the valuable exchanges of information influencing the world's nuclear development.

The contributions of IAEA staff are multiple and varied. They underpin the Agency's important "atoms for peace" mission, supporting efforts for international peace and development.

For more information about the IAEA's Departments and their work, see the Our Work section, plus pages describing Offices Reporting Directly to Director General and Department of Management →

Human Resource Booklets

Published January 2013 Internship Programme: Get Real World Experience

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Published September 2011 Women At IAEA

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Published June 2011 IAEA Leadership Blueprint

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Published September 2011 Inviting Commitment: Working for IAEA

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