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Business Opportunities and Procurement Notices

Procurement Office

Office of Procurement Services

The IAEA issues purchases orders and contracts with a total value of €100 million for supply of goods and services every year. About half of these orders are for delivery to IAEA Member States in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America in support of IAEA field projects. The remainder are for delivery to IAEA's Headquarters in Vienna, Austria and its Laboratories at Seibersdorf, Austria, and Monaco.

Headquarters deliveries consist of computer and office equipment and supplies; specialized equipment for the Agency's nuclear safeguards operations; and scientific equipment for use at the Agency's Laboratories. Field deliveries are of a wide range of nuclear, radiation detection, laboratory, and field project equipment.

Procurement Notices can be accessed at the United Nations Global Marketplace.

All bids and proposals are to be prepared according to the IAEA's General Instructions for Bidders.

All orders will be subject to the IAEA's General Conditions of Contract. No other terms can be accepted.