IAEA Childrens Painting Competition

Winners of the IAEA Children's Painting Competition - Energy in Our World

First place

Lets Care for the World with Green Energy

Lets Care the World with Green Energy

This picture I drew is about all kinds of energy in the earth. So, I drew an earth with many energy sources on it. There, an olive tree is growing like a heart above the earth. In the heart olive tree, there are many people who are using the earth's energy... And in the bottom of the earth, are people from different countries. This means that we all must love our earth's energy, if not, there will be no more energy to use. Michelle Cheng Cin Min , age 12 years old from China

Second place

Energy in the Mind of a ChildEnergy in the Mind of a Child

Energy in the Mind of a Child

In my drawing, a child learns many things about how energy works by reading books. Like how solar cells harness the power of the sun to make heat and electricity; that power stations can use the movement of waterfalls, waves and tides to make electricity; and windmill driven by the force of the wind can generate electricity and pump water.
Jerrika C. Shi, 10 years old from Philippines

Third place

What a Wonderful World! (with Environmentally-Friendly Energy)

What a Wonderful World! (with Environmentally-Friendly Energy)

The use of energy has shaped our environment and our society for a considerable period of time. With the human need to travel more efficiently from one place to another, innovation and technology have produced various modes of transportation in order to satisfy this desire. However, energy is needed to power hot air ballons, cars, locomotives, aeroplanes... This drawing focuses on the beauty of harnessing the vast energy potential of nature while maintaining and perhaps improving the quality of life on this planet which we all call home.
Ho Charlotte Sie Wing, 13 years old China

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The IAEA expresses its appreciation to all the children from all over the world who have participated and sent their entries to the Energy in Our World children's painting competition.