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IAEA Policymaking Bodies

IAEA programmes and budgets are set through the decisions of its policymaking bodies - the 35-member Board of Governors and the General Conference of all Member States.

The General Conference

IAEA General ConferenceThe General Conference of IAEA Member States meets annually, typically in September, to consider and approve the Agency's programme and budget and to decide on other matters brought before it by the Board of Governors, the Director General, or Member States. More →

Board of Governors

IAEA Board of GovernorsThe IAEA Board of Governors is composed of 35 Member States, as designated and elected by the General Conference. The Board meets at IAEA headquarters in Vienna five times per year - in March and June, twice in September (before and after the General Conference, and again in December. More →

Member States

IAEA HeadquartersThe IAEA has 162 Member States, as of February 2014. Eighteen ratifications were required to bring the IAEA's Statute into force. See current listing →